Welcome to the Hilfling Horseshoes website.

As of 29 August 2017 this website will no longer sell Hilfling horseshoes. All Hilfling horseshoes will be sold by Lucky Shoe Pro Shop. If you go to "Our Store" tab at the top of this page, you will be taken to all of the horseshoes with links to Lucky Shoe Pro Shop. Their website is Lucky Shoe Pro Shop and you can also order by calling 269-501-0146. They have a full line of horseshoes in addition to all Hilfling designs including the GrabIt Medium, GrabIt Lite, Patriot, Patriot2 and Warrior.

STILL OFFERING "Horseshoe Pitching With Precision" continues to sell. The book is printed as a spiral bound, 8-1/2" x 11" book of 91 pages. It is also available for a variety of eReaders. I have posted images of the front cover, table of contents, introduction, dedication and back cover in Part 45 of my blog. "The Search For My Perfect Swing Part 45". Skip over to Part 46 for an example of Amazons' Kindle eReader version. This brand new book, just published, is available through The Book Patch. Select the "Our Store" tab above for ordering information for the printed book. Select the "Books" tab above for more information about the contents and eReader availability.

The Hilfling Trident is out of production, but can be pitched at any sanctioned NHPA tournament.

Welcome to the Hilfling Horseshoes home page.

This web site introduced a new concept in horseshoe design for the flip or turn. Let me give you a quick tour. First, the fidgety guy on the left is "Ringertime", the company mascot. He'll follow you as you browse. Enter his personal space and he'll show off the unique sound of a GrabIt ringer. Select him and he'll take you to the GrabIt room. The logo top left, is the company name and the reason for our existence. The image top right, is a graphic representing the typical flight of a horseshoe. The "Why?" is our history. "Our Store" is where you can buy horseshoes from Lucky Shoe Pro Shop. "Links" takes you to horseshoe related web sites. "Troubleshooting" discusses some grip and swing issues.

A Little Background

In late 2008, I was forced to move from 40 feet to 30 feet due to a knee problem. I had to change my release from turning to flipping. At the same time I was working on my technique and was telling my story on my blog Horseshoes My Way, "The Search for My Perfect Swing". My target audience was the beginner, elder, youth and women, generally the flip pitcher. I had started pitching in the fall of 2007 and by the end of 2009 had reached a 55.6% sanctioned ringer average. I was very happy with the progress, but, frustrated by the number of rejects caused by bounceback. I considered a bounceback as a perfectly thrown horseshoe that hits the stake squarely and bounces straight back. Thus, became the challenge -- how to eliminate bounceback?

The Challenge Accepted

I purchased a high speed camera and recorded impacts both turned and flipped. Square impact was the problem. I discuss the process in more detail under the "Why?". I designed four horseshoes to conform to the shape of the parabolic curve, calculated to direct each horseshoe to be caught by the stake. After completing the Viking, I videoed the results and the design was proven. I posted the video on YouTube and began receiving requests for purchase. I did the same with the GrabIt, also generating requests for purchase. I decided to produce a pair of lighter GrabIt Lites to satisfy the need for a lighter shoe. Thus, the decision was made to go into production with the GrabIt and GrabIt Lite.

The Patriot2 and Warrior Joined the Family in 2016.

During 2011 I decided to create a Tribute Series of 6 shoes dedicated to the military services and the Vietnam Veteran. I designed all 6 horseshoes that consisted of the Trident (USN), Coastie (USCG), Ranger (USA), Aviator (USAF), Warrior (USMC) and Patriot (Vietnam Veteran). The Trident is out of production. The Patriot is the second to go into production as of March 30, 2014. The Patriot tab above describes the unique features of the Patriot. There are also tabs for the Patriot2 and Warrior.


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